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This is the design interface of Canvas spaces on Facebook The construction of our Canvas is very simple . We select the topic. Have two available by default and a third custom, in case. We want to apply the corporate colors Offline Conversion Tracking Choose the theme for your Canvas space . Select a Header. We will upload the logo of our company that will appear at the top of the landing. Writing the Perfect Adwords Ad Add your company logo on the Canvas . We upload the main header photo and choose the layout.

It Is About Deciding How We Want

Include an attractive header image in your Canvas Adjusted to width and clickable. Fit to Width allows users to tap on the image to view it full screen and enlarged. to rotate the image from side to side. And we select the destination url of the image if we Greece Phone Number List want it to lead to the web. . We configure the call to action button. In this section we can design our call to action button. We have tools to define the typography, color, style and position of the button and the space to add the destination url that we want to use. Young Spirit Shuttle Digital Menta.

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The Image To Behave Full Adwords Ad

The CTA must be unique and attract the attention of the user Additional components Facebook reserves a series of additional components that we can add to our Canvas in a very simple way Shuttle Digital Mint We can add other content blocks to our Phone List Canva more buttons Sequence image carousel Photo Text Block Video We just have to select the component we want and place it with the arrows that appear in the upper right corner of the block. Fourth stop, we don’t like this! Or wailing wall. It is time to list the small disadvantages or weak points that we have found when working with Facebook Canvas When a block of text is inserted, the formatting is quite constrained.

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