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The majority of the international students at UNC Chapel Hill enrol in Master’s degree programs. During the last application cycle UNC Chapel admitted of international students into various degree programs. The applicants were nationals of over countries. GPA Requirements at UNC Chapel Hill UNC Chapel Hill requires an average GPA of. UNC Chapel Hill high school GPA standard is extremely selective for most applicants and it will require a near distinction academic record.

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SAT Requirements The average Cyprus Phone Number List SAT score at the. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is on the SAT scale. Here are the statistics for the new SAT scores. Section Average th Percentile th Percentile Math Reading and Writing Composite ACT Requirement The minimum ACT score at UNC Chapel Hill is. Below is the ACT score for the th and th percentile. ACT Score Range English Math Composite Score First Year Application Process and Requirement For a successful application to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill kindly follow these simple steps. Step. Select Your Deadline If you want to apply to Early Action at UNC Chapel Hill the university recommends that you apply by the th of October.

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After your application you should expect your admission decision by the st of January. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Early Action program is non binding. If admitted you will not have to commit to UNC Chapel Hill until the regular reply date by May st. If you want to apply to Regular Decision submit Phone List your application by the th of January and receive your admission decision by the st of March. Step. Complete the Application Process The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill accepts the Common Application. During your application ensure to use personal emails and not school emails. What to expect in the application. Extracurricular Activities UNC Chapel Hill is interested in how you spend your time outside the classroom. You should include your extracurricular activities academic achievement goals and your sense of leadership.

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