It Hits The Spot Direct The User To The Right Place

Of course not, since you will have to be clear about a series of Best Practices to achieve a strategy as perfect as possible and thus be able to achieve good results. In the previous article I wrote a guide with the main elements that you need to know about Advertising on Instagram , and as promised, today I will talk about tips or tricks to conquer the users of this Social Network through advertising creatives. Open your eyes wide, we re starting Table of Contents Hide Recommendations for Ads on Instagram Analyze Recommendations for Ads on Instagram.

Your Campaign You Have

To ask yourself a key question What is my goal? What do I want to achieve with these ads? Depending on your objective, your strategy on the Uruguay Phone Number List platform will be one way or another. The advantage of advertising is that you can get specific and measurable results . Do you need downloads of your app? o Do you want them to register to the Newsletter of your Blog? Select only one and go for it. Think about it and then act . Select your target well Once you are clear about your objective, the next step is to think about who do I want to reach? What type of public is likely to be a customer of my business.

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Focus On One Goal Before Starting

To do this you must be very clear about who your Buyer Persona is , since only then will you achieve optimal results. The good news is that Instagram ads allow you to do very detailed targeting just like on Facebook , which is perfect because you can fine Phone List tune and avoid hitting too general an audience and reach not only your followers as well. Ads on Instagram Segment your target audience well. If you have put all the efforts into selecting an objective, segmenting the public and thinking about the creatives, make sure you direct users to the right place , that is, a page that makes sense and that is well worked.

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