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If so, tell us in which cases it has been useful to you, or if, on the contrary, it has fallen short. Dear Advertisers and Account Managers, do you nee help with your Facebook campaigns ? Do you want to be up to date with the news in Advertising on Facebook ? Get ideas from through real cases of other advertisers? This and many more things is what you can get fromIQ Facebook Insights , a portal in the form of a Blog in which the Social Network makes extremely valuable information available to advertisers to make our lives easier.

When We Can Not Get

We start to get stuck in Business Manager . Insights IQ? Facebook Insights IQ Utilities Best of Facebook Insights IQ What do we miss in Facebook Insights IQ? What is Facebook Insights IQ? IQ is the Anglo Saxon equivalence to the Intellectual Ghana Phone Number List Quotient. Facebook Insights IQ would be something like the CIA of Facebook Advertising . A portal in which the engineers who are in charge of the Facebook advertising network share all their wit with ordinary people, with advertisers who want to improve and grow our campaigns on Facebook.

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More Shine Out Of Our Campaigns

A great contribution that we should all know and make the most of. A way to get out of our optimization cave and discover what other advertisers Phone List are doing and how they are revolutionizing the world of advertising and online communication. The relationship between an advertiser and their agency is unique. To ensure that this relationship remains healthy and strong, advertisers must apply criteria to choose properly your partner agency.

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