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I ask myself this question every time I want to find a person in the professional environment on Linkedin, either to look for new talents for Digital Menta or to contact marketing or sales managers with whom to talk to find new job opportunities. Therefore, today I am going to talk about those essential aspects that we have to take into account in this Social Network. Start using Linkedin to do business Table of contents Hide Linkedin is our professional window . Complete your profile . Include the logo in an acceptable resolution . Add an original cover of your company.

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To do business . Advertising on Linkedin Linkedin is our professional window Take care of your personal and or business image Linkedin profiles are our personal brand . If you do not take care of them, on a personal or professional level, it will be very Exit Phone Numbers difficult for them to contact you for a job to which you apply or for a company to contact another to do business. I have seen many profiles of companies with a creepy carelessness, something that makes these companies look archaic and not caring how they present themselves to the world. The first image is what counts , and Linkedin is increasingly used to have this first impression.

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Write Move Your Linkedin Profile

I will now focus on essential aspects to do business on Linkedin , mainly for companies, but also applicable to people looking for work or to offer services. You can also analyze the official Linkedin guide to build a business profile. Linkedin to do business Phone List Infographic How to use Linkedin for companies . Complete your profile The first step is to have a good updated profile and complete all the sections that Linkedin offers us. Obviously a company profile is something alive and you cannot expect to spend a moment on it and let it “rot” over time, but first things first, so let s complete the company profile with love, care and attention.

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