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In general the Clubhouse can become a platform where people can sincerely talk about interesting topics. But as with any startup that grows faster than planne there are nuances. Rules are made to be broken You can discuss absolutely everything in accordance with the rules of the room which are set by the moderators and its creators. Not everyone likes it. For example the Chinese authorities blocke access to the application for residents of the country when they learne that political and human rights issues were being raise on the social network. And in Russia appeals have already appeare to Roskomnadzor with a request to check the Clubhouse. For the ability to speak freely users of the social network must follow a number of rules.

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For example they must provide Cameroon Phone Number List their real name and be of legal age. But so far it has not been possible to control it too much. Discrimination harassment insults and the dissemination of deliberately false information are prohibite in the Clubhouse. Users of the application are responsible for moderation. Any member can report behavior that violates the rules of the platform. The social network will investigate and take action. So the room of TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov was blocke. Why didn’t the queer revolution take off in Russia?. After the event several rooms were create. In some speakers they were outrage that the blocking violate the principles of freeom of speech in others they rejoice at the closure.

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Another controversial situation happene to a blogger from Texas Portia Belle. When she raise the issue of misogyny on the platform users got banne. Users from Russia also note that in the Clubhouse it is mostly men who speak and women Phone List are less likely to give the floor and are constantly interrupte. Many have concerns that due to weak moderation the platform can be use to spread conspiracy theories and incorrect information. In the application users are prohibite from recording any conversations taking place in the rooms. But in Russian Telegram channels there is information that the application records all conversations. The developers promise to add additional encryption but there is no guarantee that one day the discussions will not be in the hands of the secret services.


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