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The school is constantly lowering its cumulative SAT score to from. Below is a table showing the SAT requirements and average SAT scores for admission in to BC. SAT Reading th SAT Math th SAT Composite th SAT Reading th SAT Math th SAT Composite th Average SAT Score ACT Requirements and ACT GPA Admission information indicates that this college regularly admits students with an ACT or higher. Successful applicants are among the students who score highest in the Unite States. Prospective students with a combine ACT of or higher should be in the top of the applicants, while students with a combine ACT of or more will have highly competitive odds. Below is a table showing the ACT Requirements and ACT GPA.

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ACT Reading th ACT Math th ACT Composite Iceland Phone Number List th. ACT Reading th ACT Math th ACT Composite th Average ACT Score Estimate GPA requirements and average GPA To get into Boston College, applicants nee very good grades. Boston College High School graduate students have an average GPA of. and a grade of., indicating that most of the students who are accepte are A students who end up attending the school. The school ranks th in Massachusetts with an average GPA. Even with a competitive GPA, getting into this school can be problematic because the school rejects more applicants than it accepts. Also Read: Best Party Colleges in the USA.

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Acceptance Rate and Admissions is not really that different as the acceptance rate is the same for international students – excepte Phone List that some international students would nee to submit supporting materials such as proof of language proficiency and other things. BC has about, international students. Boston College’s, students come from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives, creating a vibrant and rich campus environment. If the student is not a. citizen or. permanent resident, the student is considere an international applicant. With some exceptions liste below, international students must submit the same application information as other freshman or transfer students. Standardize Test Scores & English Proficiency Exams English Proficiency Supplements Financial Aid More information can found Here.

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