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These can be offers from videos or just products that are relevant to the video. Let’s analyze the main features of the format the principles of customization and how effective it can be. Content Where to launch the new format Why you nee Shoppable Ads How to set up Shoppable Ads Setting up targeting Set up a payment model We limit the budget How effective are Shoppable Ads? What other video formats are available in my Target Shoppable Ads Where to launch the new format Shoppable Ads can be launche through myTarget on Odnoklassniki and VKon takte. Advertising operates on the basis of VK Video. Videos are shown in the social meia fee in instream format that is as an advertising insert at the beginning middle or end of the video that the user is watching.

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To date there is only a desktop Bulgaria Phone Number List format but my Target representatives promise to launch a mobile version soon. Shoppable Ads Format Why you nee Shoppable Ads VK positions the innovation as a brand formation format. The first word has long been known in marketing. Translate from English brand and performance mean the unity of brand promotion and sales growth. But earlier the concept of brand formance mainly referre to complex strategies that involve various advertising channels. The work of some was aime at coverage and recognition while others were aime at direct sales. The authors wante the Shoppable Ads format to solve the following tasks image tasks. Advertising must cover the entire audience of VK Video.


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Today it is more than 40 million people of course if the targeting is narrower then the audience will be smaller. A stylish properly create Phone List video can increase brand awareness and form a correct attitude towards it in a short time performance tasks. When viewing or after it the user will immeiately see prices photos of products or discounts on them and will be able to click on the product he likes. This will shorten the path to purchase. As a rule a link to a product category is publishe in other video formats so the user nees to make extra efforts to find the position of interest on the site. In the Shoppable Ads format the transition to the product can happen instantly.


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