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This is the usual problem when the advertiser uses more than one advertising platform Facebook, AdWords, Twitter… if or more channels are involved in the conversion path, which one is assigned to? The easiest solution we have at hand is Google Analytics. Indirect Click , which means that Analytics maps the conversion to the last channel the user clicked on before converting, as long as it s not direct traffic . Therefore, it provides a more realistic view of the contributions of each channel as far as conversion is concerned.

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Its solutions in our next post. Will you join us? We create a Landing Page as the destination of an advertising campaign , an advertising claim or an advertisement. The objective we pursue with this “landing page” is to get conversions Sri Lanka Phone Number List that is, users interested in our offer. If we are able to convince our visitor that we can give him what he needs, we will capture his attention and show us his interest, thus we will have opened the door to a new potential customer . Therefore, the key to any advertising claim and a good conversion oriented Landing Page is attract and hold the user s attention.

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In UX terms this translates into extending visit time and guiding the user through an efficient and effective experience. In a previous post we talked to you in general about how to create a conversion oriented Landing Page , and we gave some Phone List hints of the essential elements that a landing page should have. Therefore, today, as promised, we are going to talk in greater depth about the fundamental elements that a perfect Landing must have to achieve our conversion goal. perfect landing page Apply these key elements to your Landing Pages and your conversions will skyrocket Table of Contents Hide.

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