The Average Position Ironically Did Not Improve

In addition to losing our comfortable first position that we held in of the auctions, the number of conversions also decreased and this caused the client to insist on achieving and maintaining the first position , at almost any price. But a manual bid strategy in Google AdWords, consisting of manually raising and raising again the CPCs was not enough. In the following screenshot you can see the evolution of CPCs and conversions from July to August Logo Similar Web Tool for Competition Analysis Logo Similar Web Tool for Competition Analysis Evolution of CPCs and Conversions from July.

August Bid Strategies

To solve it Seeing the situation and after considering various options with Client X, it occurred to us to try the Ranking Superior bid strategy . As we have explained before, this bidding strategy would allow AdWords, after indicating which domain New Zealand Phone Number List our competitor was, to automatically bid to appear in a higher position in a percentage of the auctions in which we matched. In the case of Client X, and at his express wish, we indicated to AdWords that we wanted to appear above the enemy in of cases, but we also established a CPC limit, although quite high.

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With Ad Words How We Propose

To cover ourselves the backs in what seemed to be The War. Result According to theory, what you expect when applying this bidding strategy Phone List with AdWords is a significant increase in CPC. As a result, we expected that our online presence would improve, recovering our lost and longed for first position over our enemy and achieving the long awaited goal of returning to the good times in terms of conversions. However, the result was not as expected. just the opposite, and the conversions did not show signs of increasing.

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