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The ad groups were divide according to the theme of the keywords in Finance and Economics Due to the requirements of the script and the peculiarities of the campaign, we came to create different creatives for the ad group, with similar text and different images. making a significant change, and start AB testing that can be continue over time, adding new creatives and pausing those that do not offer the expecte results. He who hopes despairs Once the campaign is activate, we let it run for three weeks on its own, maintaining surveillance but without making major changes in order to obtain data on which to base a judicious optimization.

This Is Very Important We Know

A good optimization if you do not wait to have the necessary amount of data. We start to optimize in PAN We wait until we have more than , clicks, which Armenia Phone Number List would allow us to start with a sufficient volume of data on each keyword. From there we got to work. Optimize PAN keywords A minimum volume of traffic is need to be able to optimize judiciously Since the platform does not show conversions by keyword , our hands were tie, so we separated the Economy ad we started with the one that showed the highest volume to have more impact into different ads based on the CTR of the keywords.

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That It Costs But You Will Not Perform

We created the following ad groups Separation of Advertisements based on the CTR of the keywords they contain. Now we could pause those advertisements that had the worst performance conversions . The CTR criterion was chosen for the first Phone List phase because it would allow us to group keywords based on a performance indicator that we understood would remain more or less stable in the medium term. Once launched, and curiously enough, we realized that the advertisement that had the best CTR and therefore was accumulating high costs was not generating results.

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