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Ads for this type of campaign are simple, with descriptive lines of characters each, a visible URL even if clicking on the ad does not take you to it and a headline or title, which in this case will be the advertiser’s phone number or company name. A call to action call is display next to the ad along with a phone shap icon. And nothing more! Also, these ads are only display on mobile devices . Advantages of call only ads over other types of ads Call only ads will show as long as our ad is eligible to show . However, callout extensions for text ads.

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Time the ad is print, rather Google decides when to show them base on different needs. criteria such as the position of the ad, the relevance of said extension, the quality or other criteria that we do not know. creating a Call Only Campaign to create a Switzerland Phone Number List Call Only Campaign Our ads appear solely and exclusively on devices where it is possible to make a phone call . For this reason, the effectiveness of the number of ad impressions with respect to the number of calls should be higher than that of call extensions, which are multi device.

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In addition, and to make the announcements more effective, we can program our call announcements so that they are only shown on the days and hours in which we have telephone service. Undoubtedly, another of the advantages that C all Phone List Only Campaigns offer us is being able to carefully control the budget allocat to advertising on mobile devices. Also to control the bids on these mobile devices, which will no longer be link to the bids for desktop or laptop computers through a percentage adjustment, but rather we will have full control and independence over the bids in these campaigns.

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