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GPA Requirement at the University of Pennsylvania The University of. Pennsylvania is quite selective in its admission process with an. Acceptance rate lower than the national average for universities in the Unite States. The University of Pennsylvania’s average GPA is. A selective standard that is very competitive for many applicants. If you are still in high school, consider getting the best grades in all your courses or you can obtain the highest standardize test score to enhance your admission chances. SAT Requirement Although standardize test scores are not require at. Penn, you can self report your test score if you have taken any. The average SAT score at the. University of Pennsylvania is on the new SAT scale. Here is the statistics for the new SAT scores.

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Section Average th Percentile th Turkey Phone Number List Percentile Math Reading  Writing Composite ACT Requirement Standardize test scores may not be require at Penn, but if you were to self report your scores, it is highly recommende that you submit an ACT score of or above. The average ACT score at Penn is. Here are stats for the th and th percentile ACT scores. Percentile th th ACT Score Also Read: How to get into an Ivy League School and their Acceptance Rate The University of Pennsylvania Application Requirement An application to the University of Pennsylvania either through the Early Decision or Regular Decision starts with applicants providing the require secondary school creentials. To join a large number of applicants applying to Penn, here are the essential requirements.

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Requirement for First Year Applicants All first year applicants can apply to Penn via the Common Application and Coalition Application, in addition to providing a series of high school reports. Application Options The University of Phone List Pennsylvania accepts either the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Additionally, you will also respond to a Penn specific Essay to enable the university to understand your character and intellectual curiosity. Application Fee or Fee Waiver An application fee ofmust be paid online with creit cards for Penn to access your application. Official High School Transcript Ask your school counselor or officials to submit your transcripts. Four of the undergraduate schools at the University of Pennsylvania demand good grades in core subjects, regarding your field of study.

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