The Metric Is Absolute Since Clicks Is An Accounting Measure

Today we bring you a short introduction to Hotjar, one of the best tools. To carry out these qualitative measurements and also other quantitative ones. Table of Contents Hide What is Hotjar? Hotjar heatmaps recordings recordings. Of sessions with Hotjar Hotjar funnels Measurement of forms forms with Hotjar. How do you set up Hotjar on a website? What is Hotjar? As we say, Hotjar is a great tool to carry out these qualitative and quantitative measurements. And it is that Hotjar is probably the leading tool on the market when it comes to understanding how users act on our website and being able.

To Make Strategic Decisions

Conversion rates. Below we describe the main utilities for analysis in this introduction to Hotjar Hotjar heatmaps A heat map is a graphical Russia Phone Number List representation of user interaction on a website . As a map and, through colors, the interactivity is shown average in some cases and absolute in others that the clicks, the scroll action and the movement of the mouse or finger suppose. It helps us to know where the attention of our users is focuse, what generates their interest and, above all, what distracts them from the objective conversion.

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That Translate Into Better Results

Brand Launch Steps according to Google Screenshot of a Hotjar heat map In Hotjar , you can view types of heat maps or heatmaps that we can filter Phone List for desktop, tablet or mobile resolution Click shows us all the clicks on the analyze page. The number of clicks register is display on a color scale from blue fewer clicks to red higher concentration. Only available for computers not mobile devices , since there is the Tap type for mobiles and tablets. Scroll this heat map will give us a fundamental metric for our UX UI approach.

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