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Table of Contents Hide Customer Introduction Limiting Audiences in AdWords Solution Custom Affinity Audiences in AdWords . What are Custom Relative Audiences in AdWords? . How are they implemented? Do you want to know the Results? Introduction to the client The advertiser with whom we discovered customizable Affinity Audiences in AdWords is a leader in promoting energy investments in their industry. his advertising campaigns in AdWords and in other Premium networks is to find potential customers, prospects, whom he will later convert into customers.

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Display Text Ads. They are different campaigns according to their segmentation Themes, Interests, Interests Demographic Data, Keywords Iceland Phone Number List Themes, Remarketing. A wide variety of combinations that help us find our ideal client, someone interested in making some type of investment. In short, the campaigns work very well in terms of the volume of Leads and Cost per Lead, the results we obtain each month are good, but we need to explore new segments , since we have been addressing the same profiles for many months and.

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Arrive Through Display Campaigns Banners

Although the results are satisfactory, we lose nothing by discovering if other combinations can be fruitful or if we have left market segments to attack. Limiting Audiences in AdWords But what other segmentation can we explore? Right now we Phone List are addressing people interested in Investment, Finance, Renewable Energies, Profitability, Stock Market, Savings, etc. As you know, the possibilities that AdWords offers us in terms of Interests and Topics are finite, but we don’t want to settle for continuing to attack the same user profile forever.

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