The Pan Platform Is Somewhat Slow To Replicate

Surprise! But we had already caught it thanks to our process to optimize in PAN , you can see it paused in the previous image. Results after the first improvements The network must be worked in this way successively, with this change an improvement in the results of was achieved in the CPL for the same period of time. Here the data, you will have to zoom in Results prior to optimization Before Optimization, the CPL was Improvement after optimizing campaigns in PAN After Optimization, the CPL drops to Next steps Well, like everything in life, there is always room for improvement.

Next Progressive Division

If it applies better to your case, you can choose thematic criteria to make this division. We chose the CTR to detect keywords with a tendency to Austria Phone Number List spend more that did not have results. As for the ad groups, the ideal would be one keyword per advertisement , since in this way we could clearly see conversions per keyword, a very good little trick to get the information we were looking for at first. and such abrupt changes in a single edition can drastically alter performance, so we recommend doing the process progressively, you will maintain control while you see improvements.

Austria Phone Number List

Of Advertisements According

With the same breakdown approach, the next optimization step is the creation of different campaigns to control the budget that we invest in advertisements based on the results that they achieve. This point will allow us to achieve a significant impact, since if we start with a limited budget, we can distribute it based on the performance of each campaign it is not possible at the advertisement level . Bonus track The PAN team has worked on an optimization tutorial that may also be useful to you, we leave it here Lesson done! We hope this class on PAN campaign optimization will help you , but if not, you already know how to contact Digital Mental.

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