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Facilitate adjustment of audience data It is very advantageous that each targeting can be manage at the ad group level. This way we can attribute your own CPC according to your level of competition, interest for us and probability of success. You can also have a unique call to action overlay even if the video is share with other segmentations or Buyer Personas. Aside from this and other minor details, more fundamentally, it will allow us to test a combination of the segments available in each of the ad groups. Let s not forget that an important part of the objective is to find the perfect formula.

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Achieve the first time Get proper data visualization and analysis and analysis of the data of your campaigns maximize? This point is especially important because YouTube works generally with few conversions but with much more fluid Shandong Phone Number List audience data, in addition to many more types of interactions ad activation, of viewing, advertiser visit, video sharing, etc. all combine with the same segments as Display . With so many variables and even more, such as the fact that more than one ad can be made from a single video we believe.

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That the most practical and easiest way to dive into the data is to divide it with a segment per ad group , as I have describe. in the last point. . Facilitate the construction and optimization of campaigns Well, I m afraid we re going to have to Phone List protect our magic formula and not go into too much detail about our campaign creation and optimization processes. Of course, we can give you some clue by sharing the nomenclature of campaigns that we develop for each of our advertisers. This nomenclature consists of defining a priori wht structure the names of each campaign in the account should have, a fundamental step to be organize and understand the data according to the configuration of each one.

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