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Essays If you are an applicant that has complete the Common Application, you must respond to One of Seven Essay Prompts for the application year. While those who complete the Coalition Application will respond to One Five Essay Prompts for the application year. Additionally, more application requirements include optional interviews for applicants and supplements for applicants with extra talent in music, dance film, etc. For more information on this application requirement, kindly visit Duke’s official website via the link below. Application Requirement for Transfer Students All transfer students must meet this application requirement, for a successful transfer to Duke University. Eligibility All transfer applicants are eligible to apply to Duke University if they have attende any tertiary institutions within the last four years and have complete a year of transferable college work.

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Duke University will not consider college work Japan Phone number list complete at a vocational, technical, or performance. Transfer applicants with bachelor’s degrees will not be considere. Duke also demands academic qualifications such as a big school diploma or GE. Evaluation The acceptance rate for transfer at Duke University ranges from to in the past few years. The admit rate is very selective and all applicants must have good grades and high test scores. Transfer applicants who were admitte to Duke University had a minimum GPA of. Require Materials All transfer applicants must submit their application either through the Common Application or the Coalition Application.

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The require material includes your college report, transcript, final high school transcript, require financial aid forms, and two instructor Phone List evaluations. Also Read: MIT Transfer Acceptance Rate, Deadline and Tuition Undergraduate Admission Statistics Below are the statistics for undergraduates enrolle at Duke University. Applicants:, Enrolle:, Ethnicity White: Asian American: Hispanic: African American: Nonresident: Two or More: Unknown: Gender Male: Female: How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Into Duke University Getting into Duke University is very challenging, due to its low acceptance rate. The latest freshmen enrolle in different programs at Duke had grades, test scores, and a worthy application profile.

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