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The settings that performe best can then be use in all advertising campaigns. Shoppable Ads Set up a payment model Shoppable Ads is positione as a selling format but despite this the default setting is payment for impressions the maximum number of impressions at the minimum cost. You can change your auction strategy and choose either a minimum spend or a flat rate. It will also be useful to set a limit on impressions for a unique user so as not to waste the budget and not cause negative audience. Setting up Shoppable Ads We limit the budget Restrictions allow you to avoid spending money very quickly. If ads are distribute evenly users see them for the entire display period you nee to set it in the settings.

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In the case of fast distribution Bolivia Phone Number List ads can be unrolle in a short period. This can be useful when launching urgent marketing activities discounts promotions or contests. Shoppable Ads You can read about how to save on advertising in myTarget in our article. How effective are Shoppable Ads? This format has appeare quite recently so agencies and advertisers do not yet have complex cases. However myTarget said that the format has already been teste by AliExpress Russia. Compare to other video formats Shoppable Ads saw a 3x increase in ROI and a 7x increase in CTR. Of course the results are impressive. But despite this we advise advertisers to test the format on a small budget as well as conduct A B tests before a fullscale launch.

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What other video formats are available in my Target If you are unable to prepare a list of products for advertising in my Target yet or setting up a new format seems too complicate you can try other video formats of the site. There are many. Fee video ad is a horizontal square or fullscreen video that can be shown Phone List to achieve various advertising goals traffic acquisition reach visits to sales offices application installation. A post in OK and VK is a multidevice horizontal video in the fee to stimulate actions in social networks. Playable Ads are videos with a short preview that allow you to arouse user interest and engage them in further interaction. Most often use in the promotion of mobile applications and games.


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