The Traffic From The Click On The Ad Can Be Directed

Add your payment method What kind of ads can we do on LinkedIn? LinkedIn gives us the possibility of making two different kinds of ads that pursue different objectives. On the one hand we find Sponsored Updates. They appear in the Timeline of the target user and serve to promote content. On our Company Page. On the other hand we have Text Ads themselves, in the purest Adwords style. Types of Ads Available on LinkedIn Step Choose between. The types of ads on LinkedIn In this article we are going to focus on the second of these, Text Ads.

To Create This Type Of Ads

We can do it from our own profile. The ads are made up of a small Image and a Headline and a Text of and characters respectively. to a landing Ecuador Phone Number List page designed for conversion just like we do in AdWords or we can send it to our LinkedIn page if we have it. If your goal is performance marketing, at Digital Menta we will always recommend that you opt for the landing page. Steps to follow to create my first text ad campaign on LinkedIn – We start Enter the LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager and choose the option to create a Text Ad. – Enter the name and language of your first campaign.

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Need To Have A Linkedin Company Page

Name and language of the first advertising campaign on linkedin Step Enter the name and language of your first LinkedIn ad campaign – Choose the landing page Choose the landing page for your ads and create your first ad . On this same page you Phone List will have a preview of the ad in the different locations . TIP Create an ad that encourages the user to continue reading. Create a headline that engages, for example, with a question of interest, offering your value or exhorting the reader. Do not forget to add the image according to LinkedIn, ads with images receive up to more clicks . Add a call to action in the text to encourage users to click on the ad. first ad on linkedin Step – Create your first ad.

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