The Use Of Brand Names In Adwords Keywords

The curious note of the eShow Barcelona We believe that all visitors had certain expectations about Google and its Stand. We don’t know why, but the Google stand was the least decorate at the fair and we were quite disappoint with the staging. A simple monitor with videos was the entire staging of the Internet giant. Booth Google eShow Booth Google eShow When Google goes to fairs, it normally takes care of all the details to defend the brand, and in this case it was the opposite. Lastly, I wish all the luck to the eShow team for future editions both in Spain and in LATAM and to its CEO.

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At Google Colombia . Google AdWords Updates Its Trademark Policy. ​ is allow under Google policy and upheld by the Supreme Court. What cannot be done is confuse the consumer about your identity or what product you offer, so the ad does not include Cayman Islands Phone Number List the brand in question or pretend to be. AdWords had been dragging a very peculiar gray area for several years now who can appear in the paid results of a search that includes a brand term? From the point of view of Google, the thing was very clear . If a company proves to you that it owns the trademark rights to a name or words.

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Google will prohibit the use of those terms in your search engine text ads. That easy . Situation in Spain regarding trademark policy However, Spanish legislation was not so clear. Everyone understands, and has been prosecute in the past, that an advertiser Phone List may not use the brand name in text ads to impersonate its competition , or use the characteristic terms of its products or services without permission or even slightly modify its name with the clear intention of confusing the user into visiting its website instead of the one they were originally looking for.

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