The Website Jordan Phone Number You Want to Consult

You need to indicate an address; that is, a domain. When you write in the browser, it needs to access the web server through an IP address (a string of numbers like, which is what tells it where the content you want to see is located.

Domains Are Bound to an Ip Address

So that the server can return the information you request. But why use a unique name  Jordan Phone Number  and not the IP address? Simply because it is much easier for any user to remember. And besides, you can change the server without having to change the name. That is, your name will remain the same

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Point to a Different Ip Address

In short, IP addresses are translated into names that we can easily remember, that is, they are translated into domains. And, for this translation to be carried out, the DNS comes into play, or what is the same, the Domain Name System .

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