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Remember if: the right email at the right time: use all available events and have a chance to recover lost customers with an accurate message. Check out the possibilities: claimed purchase purchase expired cancelled purchase late purchase cart abandonment subscription canceled by customer be precise: the email is intended to get the customer to complete an action (return to the payment page or resume the subscription. For example). A long text is more likely to stray from the main subject. So prioritize an objective and friendly message. Here’s how to configure: access your account on the hotmart platform via the link ; on the left side menu.

Select tools ; select the automatic contact management (listboss) option ; choose the desired product and click continue ; once this is done. Select your email marketing service ; integrate the provider with hotmart; click create segmentation ; (in this window. Simply inform the rules of your segmentation. Such as which event you want to link to the communication. The types of conditions and the action that must be taken on your e-mail provider.) check your targeting information and click save targeting. See more details on tool configuration and important rules . 2) exit popup the lead made it to your checkout page. But is about to leave without completing the purchase? With the exit popup you display personalized and attractive messages that allow your shopper to reflect on whether or not to abandon their cart.

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This is the time to convince him to stay through an unbeatable argument. So when the person is about to close the tab or window. A pop-up appears and Hungary phone number you can increase your conversion rate with an image. Video or discount! It’s simple and effective: 10 out of 100 people who are about to back out of a purchase click the checkout popup. And of those 30% complete their purchase*. *hotmart data tips: convincing message: use a text that convinces your potential buyer that you are not satisfied that he will really give up the purchase and let this opportunity pass. Powerful ctas: formulate a phrase that grabs attention and leads the lead to take the action you want them to take. Such as “i want to come back and complete my purchase” or “i want to stay”. Here’s how to configure: access your hotmart account through the link in the side menu.

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Hungary phone number

Choose tools ; click payment page appearance ; on the next page. Choose the desired product ; choose the payment page theme you want to use. You can choose to create a new one or use one of the hotmart templates; click use this template ; under features . Select “ exit popup ”; then select the template and click action; fill in the desired fields and click “ insert ”; click save new page . And choose between save to draft or publish page. See more configuration details . 3) whatsapp on the payment page one of the reasons that lead the potential customer to give up on the purchase are questions such as “is this course for me?”. “is it possible to pay in installments?”. “how will i access the content?”. All the answers may be on your sales or payment page. But it’s possible that your lead has missed it.

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That’s why making whatsapp available on your product’s checkout page is a great way to provide quick support for anyone thinking about abandoning their cart and breaking objections. Do not forget: maintain good communication with the lead: he is looking for answers. So your messages must maintain an objective and clear tone. In addition to showing interest in helping. Remember: if the customer trusts the producer. He will therefore trust the product. Support: what does it take for good support? It’s important to have service managers available who will respond to customer questions quickly. If the lead waits a long time for a service. There are chances of increasing the abandonment of the purchase. Here’s how to configure: access your hotmart account through the link ; in the side menu on the left.

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