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Benefits of your proposal It seems obvious, but sometimes web pages and landing pages are unconsciously lost in long innocuous paragraphs from which one has to extract the “top selling points” of the offer. Your user will have little desire to read. You have already made it clear to them what your landing page is about in the headline and in the hero shot, they will have been able to verify what they will get if they fill out the form. before doing so they will want to know “Why you?”. So tell him. Give a few don t abuse, be humble reasons that are beneficial to the user who hires your service or buys your product.

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The benefits of your offer in a perfectly written and very long paragraph. Make a list, by points, with brief and synthesiz headlines . Perfect Landing Page Example of a Value and Benefits Proposal on a Landing Page made by Digital Menta . Social proof Wuhan Phone Number List Testimonials Nothing better to demonstrate the reliability of your message than the real testimonial of someone who has already tri your service or product. Knowing that you already have satisfie customers and that they are willing to show their satisfaction will give you many points over an indecisive user . include on your landing page, but here are some key points Don t make them up Accompany them with a photo.

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Better yet , a video Give them a relevant position within the landing page Perfect Landing Page Add Testimonials to your Landing Page They add value There are no design rules to create a perfect landing page with a guarantee of success. However, experience shows us that there are certain patterns that we can follow to favor a good conversion rate and Phone List a low bounce rate. In this post we want to highlight the elements that we believe are essential for the success of a conversion oriente landing page, although, as we always recommend, the best way to find out what works best is to do an A B Test.

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