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So you must prepare your campaigns to receive and attract the large number. Of searches that will occur in the coming weeks. In this article we explain how to increase your online sales at Christmas with Google Shopping Campaigns . It may seem soon, but you have to get down to work early to optimize Table of Contents Hide Why do Google Shopping Campaigns? How do I set up a Google Shopping campaign? Best Practices for the perfect Data Feed Extra Tricks to Increase your Online Sales at Christmas Why do Google Shopping Campaigns? In a previous post.

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To set up AdWords with Shopping campaigns campaigns that help us to show images of our products next to the search results, next to our competitors products and, in addition, give us the possibility to indicate the price of the same.  Through Rate Portugal Phone Number List of our ads and also, thanks to how visible and informative the ad is image and price , they give us a higher Conversion Percentage , by minimizing the peeping effect, and therefore a more adjusted Cost per Acquisition than in other types of campaigns. How do I set up a Google Shopping campaign? Are you convinced that Google Shopping is a good strategy to increase your online sales at Christmas, right.

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Now the next step is to set up the campaigns. For them you will need A Products Data Feed – Your product information translated into a data feed. Learn how to set up your data feed and choose the necessary attributes . A Google Phone List Merchant Center account Verify and claim your website URL in Web Master Tools. In this link you can find information about the steps to follow. A Google AdWords account Increase your online sales at Christmas When you have everything required above, it will be time to link the account you have created in Google Merchant Center with your Google AdWords account.

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