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But what about keywords If a brand name is add to appear in the searches of a competitor of ours but in the ad we talk about our own products or services, is that legal? trademark Google will ban the use of brand terms in ads Well, finally there is a definitive answer. The Supreme Court has issue a ruling through the Civil Chamber and has rule that an advertiser can bid for keywords that refer to the competition as long as they do not pass off their product or service as that of the competition in the ad.

Making Clear The Trademark Policy

By defense of its brand terms and , a brand specialize in the online sale of shoe insoles to gain height. Its competitor use these terms in their SEM Chile Phone Number List campaigns in ! to place their products with similar characteristics but always making it clear that they were another provider and without using those terms in the ads themselves. In this way it is determine that, in line with the guidelines of the Court of Justice of the European Union, the exclusivity rights of a brand only serve to prohibit another company from trying to identify its product or service with the protect terms.

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But not for others. applications. AdWords Brand Court Bidding on brand keywords is allow And here is the key, the high court allows us to use these keywords to position ourselves in the first advertising spaces through SEM, but not to confuse the Phone List user or potential client about the identity of the company that shows the ad . It should be remember that, due to the bidding system and the quality marks relate to relevance, an advertiser bidding on keywords with your brand name should not pay more than.


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