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This network allows us to expand the market for some advertisers. Who already have the Search Network covere and who are not obtaining . Wgood results on the Display Network, or. Want to try new platforms to analyze their profitability. It is a digital advertising network of the Display type. Which serves ads onpublisher sites under the content of . Wan article PAN Ads MyAds PAN ads under an entry in El Economista. All ads have the same format. As you can see, it is a small image. What accompanies a text a title and two descriptive lines.

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Network Structure of campaigns in the PAN advertising network. Typology of campaigns PAN ad network payment model Situations in . Which to use PAN My Ads Other interface features What could be better in the PAN ad network? Support Israel Phone Number List Network Among the benefits of using this platform is the media portfolio, in which we find well known media La Vanguardia, El Mundo, MARCA , Minutos and QUO, among many others. the media where the ads are publish quite well, unlike in AdWords, where we have to constantly monitor the quality of the sites where our ads are publish.

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Network Orientation Method In The Pan

Orientation Method in the PAN Network The targeting method of the ads in the PAN advertising network is contextual, through keywords. In the ad groups we include keywords that we believe could appear in an article that a user of our Phone List target would read. To make our work easier, the interface has a tool that allows us to extract keywords from a certain article, with which we can obtain orientation ideas if we know the type of articles that our target audience would read. The machine makes the match and the magic is serv.

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