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At a higher level we find the account, in the case of a private advertiser, or multiple accounts if we are an agency that is organize by MCCs. At lower levels we find the campaigns and ad groups respectively. And ultimately, and below these levels, we find keywords and ads. Search terms menu Main page of the Google Adwords App, with the account metrics panel and access to the other levels. The first thing we will find will be a Main Page of the account in which a panel with the classic Adwords metrics is shown , both numerically and graphically.

Horizontally With Data On Devices

Days of the week etc create custom audience View of the different levels, from left. lower level right top level , in the Google Adwords App After the graphic panel we will be able to access lower levels of the account campaign, adgroup, keywords Finland Phone Number List and ads and within each of these levels we will be able to continue delving into the following levels. Just like we do on the desktop interface. It is in these deeper levels of the application that we begin to miss a larger screen, since the metrics, which, just like on the desktop, are display in the form of columns, can only be view in threes.

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Networks In Which Our Ads Appear

We have to do enough horizontal scrolling to be able to find all the information that we are not able to see in a single screenshot. In favor of the Phone List Google Adwords App, we will say that adding, removing and ordering columns is faster than on the desktop , although on mobile we do not have the most advance columns. Optimize search terms Options that we can modify in the Google Adwords App modify period and columns. But. what can and can’t we do with the Google Adwords App? Individually and manually we can edit budgets and change bids.

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