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UDel is a moderately competitive school and if you meet the requirements there is a good chance of getting in. Last year of the applicants were accepte. The school has very high SAT and ACT admission requirements and students typically accept applicants who at in the top of test takers SAT and ACT. The University of Delaware generally accepts and attracts high school students with a GPA of about. meaning that A students are generally accepte. Most accepte students are the ones who graduate from high school occupying the top quarter of all graduating students. Of those who have been admitte into this school about end up attending the school.

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How is the Acceptance rate at the Honduras Phone Number List University of Delaware UD different from other schools around it? The University of Delaware enrollment rate is percent higher than the national average which is about. percent. University acceptance rates of schools around UDel are as follow School Acceptance Rate West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Villanova University. Rowan University. University of Pennsylvania. Drexel University. Also Read Best Party Colleges in the USA | Ranking Party Schools University of Delaware Admission Requirements The University of Delaware only accepts more than two thirds of applicants and its admission process is somewhat competitive.

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Most successful applicants have higher than average grades and test scores. However the University of Delaware has a holistic admissions Phone List process that takes into account factors other than your grade and test score. A strong application and optional essay answers and eye catching letters of recommendation can make your application more interesting including participating in meaningful community services and activities and rigorous course work in high school. It is also important to note that some majors have additional requirements such as music and art courses. SAT requirements and average SAT scores The University of Delaware generally prefers applicants to be among the top percent on the SAT test.

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