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The first thing you have to think about is what objective you want to achieve Subscription to your blog? Capture potential customers? Sell ​​a new product? Once you are clear about the objective, create a set of Covers for each of the Social Networks taking into account the sizes and specifications of each one. Design these covers as if they were a banner, with a promotional copy and visually link them to the pinned post. How can you do it? If you look at the image above, on our cover we have framed the copy in a ribbon that visually directs you down to the promotional pinned post.

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It is useless to invite the user to perform an action if they cannot click or interact. This is where the pinned post comes in where you can put a link and more information. Elements that come into play in the Inbound Marketing Strategy in Social Panama Phone Number List Networks Cover design along with Promotional Copy when entering your profile and it has to be eye catching but with a simple and effective design that clearly indicates what you are promoting and the action that the user is taking. user can do. Copy of the Pinned Publication along with an extra visual element image, infographic, gif or video.

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The Cover In A Promotional Way

We also recommend that, for example, on Twitter you use relevant hashtags that can help users find the tweet and that you use icons to highlight certain elements or draw more attention to the user. Landing Page It is useless to optimize the cover and Phone List the pinned publication so that users take an action if we then take them to a page where it is not clear what they have to do. For this reason, we must create a specific page where we give the user even more information and there is a form for them to fill in their data.

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