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This Is the Most Obvious Advantage. On Amazon, when a customer searches for your (unbranded) keyword, it must conflict with all other lists displayed on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). image3 1 And even when a customer. Clicks on your product page from SERP, competitors are stealing your customer’s attention. Sales are poached through display ads and sponsored product ads on your own list, as shown below. Image7 However, you can reduce competition by. Directing traffic to Amazon’s product list by email. Amazon rewards sellers for driving their traffic. With increased traffic and sales, Amazon’s rankings skyrocket and Amazon sends more customers through organic search. Click to tweet 2) Sell Amazon using the mailing list One of the amazing benefits of selling on Amazon is that you have access to a huge number of customers ready to buy. (Do you know? Amazon’s membership program is wisely called Prime.)


People searching on Amazon are

Already more willing to buy than Lebanon Phone Number people searching on Google or scrolling on Facebook. .. However, this comes at a cost. To sell on Amazon, you need to pay a referral fee (between 6% and 20% depending on the category) and a closing fee. You also pay a fulfillment fee ($ 2.41 to $ 4.71 for standard size products) and storage fees when you participate in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program . That’s a lot of money. Almost any e-commerce business would benefit from selling some products on Amazon if you could also generate off- sale on Amazon, while you abandoned Amazon’s fees and had a high margin. You can keep it. According to a June 2016 survey by the Direct Marketing Association and Demand Metric,

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Lebanon Phone Number

The Median return on investment for

Email marketing is 122% . If you have your own e-commercewebsite, you can make additional sales and keep more money from each sale. Email can help you increase your sales to your website, so you can take advantage of all the benefits Amazon offers while mitigating their shortcomings. References: Amazon Advertising 101: How to get started Amazon’s A9 Algorithm Cracking: Raise Amazon Rankings and Sell More How to get higher email open rates (even if not spam) How to get more responses from cold email 3) Foster relationships with customers Email allows you to build your brand in ways that Amazon alone doesn’t allow. Email allows you to interact with your customers in a more meaningful way. While 26% of SMEs surveyed by DMA used email to increase sales, only 22% used email to increase engagement and used

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