This is the most revolutionary manifesto that has been written in recent years on education .

Last Sunday I got up with the desire to put in order some ideas that I have been ruminating over the last few years about the state of our education. Both of my parents were vocational teachers and at home we learned from a young age what a good teacher and learning had to be. Thanks to this and my experience in recent years I have been able to compile these ideas and write this

FUTURE of EDUCATION: The 8 lies of education .

Nine years ago I was called to participate in a program on how ICTs change our way of learning, and true to my style I did not go as a troupe, but to try to communicate what I thought was a drama back then. Well, nine years later the drama has increased because we are still the same and the Morocco Phone Number politicians continue not to agree and do not do more patching, while our public education goes to hell. If you want to see this video with the perspective of time, you may realize why this manifesto is more necessary than ever and I hope it prospers and you support it.

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Even so, none of this would have happened if it were

« You who have means, more than me, and you have to publish this Manifesto and that companies, universities and professionals participate in its development and leave their support in the comments. And before the end of the year, set up an event with those who have signed to give it public visibility, and if it can be in Madrid, in front of Congress, even better. I support you in this initiative @joselozano»

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