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The competition for admission is low and the admission requirements for the university are very high. Check that your grades and scores are sufficient for entry. What SAT scores are require to get to the University of Delaware? The average of successful applicants had SAT scores between and. of students submit SAT points with their application. See if your SAT scores are enough to compete in the admission process. What ACT points are require to enter the University of Delaware? An average of of successful applicants have an ACT score of. of students submitte ACT scores with their application.

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See if your ACT score are enough to Georgia Phone Number List compete for admission positions. How long should I wait for the University of Delaware admission decision? In the case of freshmen the admission department will begin notifying students six to eight weeks after the deadline. For applicants who applie for graduate programs each academic program has its own application committee with different decision dates. It is best to contact the specific program office and confirm with the program department when they will release the admission decision. Updates are also available on the status page of your application.

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I would like to apply for more than two academic programs. Is it allowe? The University of Delaware Graduate School allows applicants to apply to several degree programs. However separate applications must be submitte for each program. Application materials must also be uploade separately and a separate application Phone List fee. This can be done by clicking the Create Account button when submitting a new application. Can I make changes to my application after I submit my application online? It cannot be change after the application has been submitte. However the following documents may be adde unofficial transcript essays written examinations resume and supplements. I am an international student how do I do my interview? Some graduate programs require an interview. This can be done by phone in person via Skype or otherwise.

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