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Table of Contents Hide What is the Bidding Strategy with Higher Ranking AdWords? Customer Introduction problematic How We Proposed To Solve It Result Recommendation from Digital Menta What is the Bidding Strategy with Higher Ranking AdWords? As we told you in the article that we have already cited, the Higher Ranking Bid Strategy is ideal when our goal is to always appear or in a specific percentage of auctions above one of our competitors. By applying this strategy, we are asking AdWords to adjust our bids so that we are able to appear above the competition.

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In the implementation process we will indicate the URL of the competitor that we want to surpass.  to use the bid strategy with Top Party AdWords, we are going to see a real case of how the implementation of this strategy affected an AdWords account Netherlands Phone Number List managed by Digital Menta. Shall we continue? Customer Introduction To put you in a situation, we are going to introduce you to one of our clients hereinafter Client X whose activity consists of the online sale of a certain product and is a leader in the markets in which it operates, since there is practically no model with a similar business there are retailers that sell this same product in their e commerce.

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But they are not exclusively dedicated to it . With such a scenario, you can imagine that the ads from his campaigns in AdWords reach and grab the top positions in the auction without breaking a sweat and with quite reasonable CPCs. problematic But Phone List calm does not last forever. In August a competitor appeared in one of the countries in which Client X operates, stepping quite strongly as well. Can you imagine the consequences? CPCs have skyrocketed in this country and it was quite difficult for us to maintain our comfortable position at the top of search results without having to endure significantly higher CPCs.

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