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Also Read Cheapest Universities in USA for International Students Drexel University Acceptance Drexel University is a private research university with a acceptance rate. This means that students will be admitte for every applicants, making the Drexel admission process somewhat competitive. The figures include both domestic and foreign applicants. There is no information currently available on the acceptance rate for international students. With that being said, you will discover that the selectivity of this school is somewhat high, and many applicants who get admitte have the highest scores on SAT or ACT scores and have excellent high school GPA values. Is Drexel a good school? Different people have different opinions about what a “good” school is.

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Admission standards acceptance rates and GPAs are Netherlands Phone Numbers List good indicators of a university’s competitiveness, but they do will indicate how happy a student will be when they start attending or how successful they will become during and after graduation. There are several statistics that can give you a good idea of student satisfaction and support for your school. Let’s look at each of these factors to better understand what Drexel has to offer and whether it’s right for you. The rate of retention shows the number of students who stay in school over time. This is a way to find out how satisfie students are with their school experience and whether they have the support they nee to succee in college. About of students starting at Drexel will return in the next year.

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About of students entering Drexel complete a bachelors degree in six years. By comparison, the six year average for graduation from. colleges and universities is about in public schools and in private schools. The early acceptance rate at Drexel University Phone List Drexel offers early decisions and early action. An Early Decision is mandatory, meaning you must participate if accepte, and the Early Action Program allows you to apply early without obligation. The deadline for early action is November, and it’s coming soon! Drexel will announce EA’s admission decision by December th. Drexel University early decision acceptance rate is , while the overall acceptance rate is. Last year, Drexel accepte of the students who submitte their applications early.

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