Using the HMW Thailand Phone Number method to analyze the optimization direction of the social networking platform of Xiangwushuo

Starting from the product functions Thailand Phone Number of Xiangwushuo. The article uses the HMW analysis method to analyze the optimization direction of Xiangwushuo’s social platform and share it with you.

 Background and Purpose

Background : Xiangwushuo (Mini Program) is a platform for sending good things to each other, and more and more people have a lot of interactions in the environment of “simple goods exchange”. It is expected that the product will undergo the Thailand Phone Number next round of optimization and iteration, and it is hoped that the social attributes of the platform can be strengthened through this iteration.

As well as : to output optimization plans with innovative ideas, improve the social attributes of products, and prepare for the needs review of this round of iterations.

Product function analysis

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Xiangwushuo is a platform under Shanghai Xiangwushuo Network Technology Co., Ltd. It mainly provides services such as the release of idle items for individual users. And the release and promotion of products for enterprise users. On the Xiangwushuo platform, Xiaohonghua points are the only medium of exchange on the platform. As well as the Thailand Phone Number point system, Xiangwushuo encourages users to send out idle items. And connects givers and recipients through “Little Red Flowers”.

As well as product function review time is 2019.11.29. The specific function structure of the product as of the date is as follows, including social attribute functions. Which have been marked in red and displayed:

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