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Many people print all kinds of documents out of habit, but it really isn’t necessary. In our company we hardly use office paper. Digisigner is a tool that centralizes the management of legal documents and allows any collaborator, company or employee to send documents to sign. It is free for up to documents per month and costs if we have larger needs. Cam Scanner Scanner on your mobile and in the cloud Our scan tool. CamScanner is an app for both Android and iOS that allows you to scan documents by emulating a desktop scanner.

Simply By Taking A Photo

We will have digitize paper documents to be sent by email or to archive them digitally. . Bitrix , CRM for SMEs in the cloud Bitrix is a great tool for client portfolio management. and sales processes and we think it’s one of the best we’ve seen Pipedrive was Algeria Phone Number List our other finalist . Bitrix has many functionalities relate to the day to day business of the company task management, customer service team task management, integration with billing, with video calls, HR, etc. One of the main advantages is that it is free at its most basic level, offering very high functionality. Obviously it is not perfect, and it has shortcomings that do not allow us to use it for other administration functions that we have found in other tools. Tools for SMEs in the cloud. bitrix.

Algeria Phone Number List

With A Few Simple Adjustments

Review Tool for Accounting SMEs I review , formerly call e conomic is our latest acquisition. It is a tool that allows you to keep accounts according to the needs impos by the Spanish treasury, also in the cloud. It does not require any type of software Phone List installation and its prices start from month for freelancers. Thanks to the use of all these tools, many of the processes that in some SMEs are either not control or are controll in a much more manual way, we are able to reduce the management times of tasks that are not the center of our business, being able to focus more on better serving our customers and developing our business.

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