We Can Also Add Additional Segmentation Criteria

Twitter offers us the following objectives for its campaigns Get Followers Get Website Clicks or Conversions Get Interactions on a Tweet Get Installations or Interactions in Applications Get Leads on Twitter Get Video Views Or, finally, a custom goal for cases where we don t want to stick to any of the above. advertising on twitter Learn about the goals you can achieve with Twitter Campaigns Choose our audience in Twitter Ads Following the process of creating our campaign, we find that we must select our audience . Before we can start applying the different segmentation methods that Twitter offers us.

We Should Know What Our

What is the profile of our Buyer Persona . Now that we know who we should direct our ads to, we can continue. We can direct our ads to users with specific locations, users who use specific languages, and even users who use certain operators or Changsha Phone Number List devices iOS, Android, Computer, Tablet.  such as keywords, or follower lists by entering their usernames if we know them , or include interests. We have the option of adding TV shows that users are interacting with, or targeting events that users are intereste in. And we even have the option.

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Target Segment Is More Specifically

To add custom audiences by uploading an email list or installing remarketing tags on our website. Finally, in the case of the Unite States and the Unite Phone List Kingdom, the opportunity is offer to segment users with different behaviors and characteristics, both online and offline. As we use the segmentation criteria that allow us to approach the users with the profile of our Buyer Persona, we will have define an estimate size of our audience. With the next step we will define the scope of our advertising with respect to the define audience.

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