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It is crucial to the proper functioning of the account that we monitor all actionable factors that may affect this indicator. And also that we apply intelligent bidding strategies to be the kings of the auction. But this has already been discussed. Do you remember Oana’s post about the best Adwords bidding strategies ? Table of Contents Hide How do I know if my Adwords CTR is good. Historical account CTRs Common differences between CTRs by type of campaign CTR on the Search and Display network types of campaign according to conversion intention How do I know if my Adwords CTR is good? When analyzing the CTR , important doubts arise, since we do not usually have references to know if it is good or bad.

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If we have a long history in our campaigns, we can look at the deviations that the CTR has suffered throughout its life and how they have affected the level of results. We will know if our CTR is good by comparing it with previous situations if it has Belarus Phone Number List been better before or if, on the contrary, we are achieving all time highs. We must not underestimate the results conversions when doing this analysis, since there are cases in which lower CTRs give rise to greater profitability for the advertiser. . Common differences between CTRs by type of campaign Although it is advisable to compare the CTR of the different campaigns of an advertiser.

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We must take into account that there are natural differences between different types of campaigns, and therefore, remember that we must always compare campaigns that are of the same type apples with apples! CTR on the Search and Display Phone List Network The Search Network generally has a much higher CTR than the Display Network . It is a characteristic behavior of each network, since the purchase intention or conversion is much higher in the Search Network, because the user is actively looking for something in which he is willing to make that conversion.

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