We Talk About This Test A Little Below

The reason is that Google in the first days will favor the ad that already has a history in the account even if we have the configuration to alternate the ads uniformly . Use remarketing in search campaigns . Create remarketing lists base on the different steps users are taking on our website and show different ads to different types of users. They are much more personalize ads since we have more detaile information about the user, and they have a higher CTR and quality score. Try different messages depending on devices . Some time ago we did a very interesting test with ’emotional’ ads , and different results were obtaine on desktop and mobile.

Wait For Statistically Relevant Data

If the results are close or a shorter period of time if the results are further apart. Get Data Driven is a very useful tool for calculating ad AB test results that we recommend using. You only have to add the number of clicks and the number Bahamas Phone Number List of conversions for each ad and the tool indicates if the results are statistically relevant. Sometimes it seems like one ad is performing better than another, but when you look at the numbers, you can see that the new ads aren’t really an improvement. Experiment with emotional ads in Digital Menta.

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This Will Take A Longer Period Of Time

A very interesting test that we have done in Digital Menta has been emotional ads. In this case, the first descriptive line of the ad was change to an ’emotional’ descriptive line, which relate the user to the need for it. We also add humorous notes where Phone List the type of service product has allow us to. A very important point with emotional ads is that you have to keep trying with different phrases – it is very likely that the first time you will not have the expect success. The important thing here is to engage with the user and to arouse an emotion, and this can be difficult to achieve, but not impossible.

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