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Some people calmly enter each operation manually or collect data at the end of the month. But it’s far from certain that this is your case. Reminders. Having this option will help you remember that it’s time to pay a loan taxes or a subscription to Photoshop. Customization. Adding custom spending categories will help anyone who wants to be in control of their finances. A freelancer will also benefit from customizing sources of income. It is especially good if you can add labels tags and build analytics. This will make it possible to determine the profitability of projects and cut off unprofitable orders in time. Cross platform. Of course you can control finances from a computer as well. But you see the likelihood that you will forget to write down the package of milk that you bought for cash as an expense will be higher. 6 tips to help you manage your finances The right instrument is just one of the steps on the path to financial stability.

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A systematic approach plays an Belgium Phone Number List important role. Following a number of principles will help you quickly establish a system for accounting and controlling finances. Determine the salary. Yes you are a freelancer. But what’s stopping you from setting a fixe salary every month? Don’t know the amount? Take last year’s average income and pay yourself 70%. The remaining 30% can be left for taxes and incidentals. This will give you a relatively constant amount that you can manage. Control absolutely all expenses. It is important. Clearly record all expenses and receipts. Otherwise the picture will be incomplete. Use a special program to control or just start a table. It may surprise you how much money is spent on things that don’t make you happier or make your life better. Prioritize and limit spending by category. If you nee to buy several things at once for personal nees or work prioritize spending.

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The purchase of many goods can be postpone for some time. You can limit spending by categories where you often spend a lot of money. Everyone has their own entertainment taxis cosmetics etc. Create an airbag. You should always be prepare for the fact that another crisis may break out or the flow of orders may decrease. It is enough to set aside 10% of earnings for such a case. By the end of the year you will be Phone List able to collect the amount that will allow you to sleep peacefully. Expand your sources of income. If you’re freelancing consider different ways to make money. Design podcast recording consulting copywriting – if one source isn’t making money try another. So you will always be afloat and be able to have a lot of orders. Try to invest in your own development. Set goals and make a financial plan. When you figure out what’s happening with money now plan ahead.


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