What You Have To Do Is Download A Keyword Report

Know the reasons and will continue to adjust bids based on this data. We are talking about a machine that does not know. How to recognize the real life factors that can affect an account. A manual bidding strategy allows us to adjust bids individually. And change them at any time. You need to carefully analyze historical account data at the keyword level. Such as position, cost per conversion, and conversion rate, in order. To make a decision to raise, lower, or hold bids. With relevant data for a given period of time. We cannot advise you what the ‘correct’ average duration is for this given period.

As It Depends On Each

On the one hand, you need to have enough conversions to be able to make decisions and adjust bids. On the other hand, we do not want to go Honduras Phone Number List too far back in time so as not to lose the relevance of the data and run the risk that they are not representative seasonality, changes, competition, etc. The Different Types of Match An effective way to manage bids is to split keywords based on their matches – exact, broad, and phrase – and adjust bids based on match, CPA, and position. Typically, the exact words will have a higher CPC compared to the others, but a higher conversion rate and lower CPA.

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Account And The Accumulated Data

Our main goal should be to get most of the traffic to the account through exact words and have the broad ones to pick up the unique searches that happen daily on Google. We will download the Search Term Reports and add the relevant terms in Phone List the account as exact. concordances adwords What is the reason for this strategy? If we don’t, we don’t have full control over our keywords. Instead of handling different bids for exact words and playing with the position and CPA of each of them, by not having them in the account we would be limited to adjusting a single bid, that of the broad matched keyword that is generating them .

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