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Mind the mobile audience. A smaller screen means that it is difficult to see small visual assets (such as text) in your video. 6. Youtube is the second most engaged website on the internet in the world. (alexa) at the time of writing this blog post, people spent just over 19 minutes on youtube on average. Details of alexa’s ranking on youtube, comparison with other websites, more general youtube statistics, measured by traffic, youtube is the second most popular website in the world. (source) youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. (source) youtube’s search engine is twice as popular as bing. (source) 55% of google search results contain at least one video. (source) youtube became google’s second largest acquisition in 2006, when the technology giant acquired the video content platform for billion.

Average, visitors spend 19 minutes a day on Finland Phone Number the global live broadcast market is expected to reach a market size of more than us 5534 billion. (source) youtube launched youtube shorts worldwide in july 2021, and exceeded the benchmark of 15 billion daily views in the same month. (source) in 2020, more than half of youtube users watched videos on connected tv (ctv) devices. (source) as of march 2013, youtube had 1 billion active users per month. (source) users play 694,000 hours of videos on youtube every minute. (source) users upload 500 hours of video content to youtube every minute.(source) users conduct about 3 billion searches on youtube every month.

The First Video Uploaded

To youtube was called “me in the zoo” and had more than 160 million hits. (youtube) in addition to the number of views, the video has about 7.9 million likes and about 189,000 likes. 21. Seven out of ten mobile viewers watch horizontally on youtube by default. (think with google) you can use youtube analysis to check what percentage of your youtube audience uses mobile devices. Youtube analysis dashboard 22. The popular types on youtube are: entertainment, children’s entertainment and animation, as well as music and dance. (forbes) entertainment is also the preferred type of video on facebook.

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Finland Phone Number

The Most Viewed Videos on

Million people watch game content on youtube every day. (source) approximately 50 million users subscribe to or try youtube music and youtube premium. (source) the most popular genre on youtube is comedy (77%). (source) in 2020, users watched 100 billion hours of game content on youtube. (source) youtubers are three times more likely to like watching youtube tutorial videos than reading product descriptions. (source) the two most common reasons people watch youtube videos are “relaxation” and “entertainment”. (source) the music video of korean pop star psy’s music video “gangnam style” has received so many views that it almost broke the youtube viewing counter.(source) youtube received more than 82 million live broadcasts during the coachella live broadcast on the first weekend of 2019. (source) 99% of youtube users are also on other social media platforms.

The average length of a video that ranks first in a youtube search is 14 minutes and 50 seconds. (source) the music video of the korean boy group bts attracted the most views in the first 24 hours, and their music video “butter” was viewed 108.3 million times. (source) 9 youtube marketing statistics of companies 42. Youtube is the second most popular channel for companies to share videos. (buffer) facebook occupies the top spot in corporate video marketing strategies. 43. More than 85% of american adults say youtube is important for learning how to do new things. (pew research center) only 5% of respondents believe that youtube is not helpful when they want to learn new things.

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