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FLoC white paper FLoC white paper on GitHub Creating Audiences The Privacy Sandbox project provides solutions for marketers developing ways to create audiences without cookies such as attracting visitors to the site using remarketing. In 2020 RTB House NextRoll Criteo and Magnite all members of the ad tech community offere some of their ideas for how this might work. Google has publishe a proposal FLeGE expanding on the previously publishe TURTLeOVE and taking into account the opinions of industry representatives. The technology involves the use of a truste server to store data on advertising campaign bids and budgets. Open access to FLeGE testing will appear at the end of 2021. Ad tech companies will be able to use the BYOS bring your own server API.

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In parallel with developing alternative Argentina Phone Number List ways to reach relevant audiences while maintaining privacy Google is working to help advertisers determine the ad bid for this audience. The company invites you to take part in experiments with the Privacy Sandbox in test mode. This will allow ad auctions to function without interruption when cookies are discontinue. privacy sandbox Fragments of experiments in the Privacy Sandbox test environment Measuring Conversion The Privacy Sandbox project provides a number of technologies to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign without third party cookies. Various reports will help you meet the key nees of advertisers base on aggregate data provide accurate analytics by user groups at the event level help bidding models recognize patterns in the data.

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Through the use of privacy practices limiting the amount of data sent from devices adding noise aggregating information the propose APIs will be able to communicate conversion information while protecting user privacy. For example an event level iteration of the API is now Phone List available for click conversion analysis in the original trials. It creates noise and limits the amount of data that can be sent to the API at a time. As a result advertisers will nee to prioritize and identify the most important conversions. privacy sandbox Event Level API Proposal on GitHub In the near future the Google Ads team will continue to explore how Google products and API conversion measurement technology can be use to determine growth and reach create conversion reports perform attribution.


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