If you want to eat dessert and sweet talk during Ramadan. You can both serve your guests and Here are the places where you can buy the most delicious desserts to take with you to your visit. We are searching. So where to buy sweets for the holidays? What are the best dessert shops in Istanbul? Here we have explained all the curious details in our news…

As the eleven-month sultan said goodbye to the month of Ramadan, festive cheer enveloped all four corners. Everyone from 7 to 70 is happy to reminisce about their childhood memories during the holidays, when we put on cleanly Chile Phone Numbers ironed clothes and meet with the elders of the family. Of course, desserts are the most important holiday tradition where we welcome many guests. If you don’t have time to prepare dessert at home during Ramadan, where we will eat dessert and have a sweet talk, If you don’t want to go empty-handed. We will take a look at Istanbul’s most beautiful desserts one by one. we got it.

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Founded in 1843 by Karakoys Gulluoglu As the first baklava restaurant in Istanbul, it is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to dessert. In this place, where the most special form of traditional baklava is brought to the tables. Walnut, pistachio, chocolate baklava, pistachio bride pack, dry baklava, special baklava for diabetics, Şöbiyet, dolama, vegan baklava and baklava burger You can have many flavors like

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If you want to enjoy a feast of flavors with your family and friends during Ramadan, you can take a look at the rich menu that will suit your taste. If you’re having a hard time deciding, don’t worry! “Mixed Baklava” By buying a flavor bomb in flavor form, you can serve a dessert that everyone will like.

Mixed Baklava

With many branches , Hamido Baklava , especially with its Kadıköy branch, is becoming one of the frequent destinations for dessert lovers. If you feel uncomfortable after eating a slice of baklava, you can say goodbye to such a problem at Hamido Baklava. Where you can enjoy pistachio baklava or donuts, you can buy wonderful flavors for your guests. Besides, we say, don’t miss out on tasting kadayıf!

Hamid Baklava


He started his adventure with a pudding shop opened by Hüseyin Topbaş in 1935 in Kasimpaş. Castle custard Today, with its 21 branches, it brings delicious desserts to the tables. Saray Muhallebicisi, whose menu includes crispy baklava, surprises not only with sherbet desserts, but also with milky desserts. For those who want to appreciate options other than baklava, there are many desserts to try, from pot to rice pudding.

Castle custard

The most important factor that makes this place special is that it has branches on both the European and Anatolian sides. You can make your loved ones happy by stopping at one of the branches on the way to the guest house.

Saray Baklavacisi wraps baklava

ADDRESS: Merkez Mah. Halaskargazu Cad. Payraş Apt. No.: 147/B, Osmanbey, Sisli, Istanbul


Opened in 2008, Kadıköy Valniekstas is especially the first stop for cake lovers.

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ADDRESS: Muhittin Üstündağ Caddesi No: 85 Kosuyolu Kadıköy, Istanbul


If you say: “I want something lighter but tasty, neither syrupy nor milky sweet, Bakehane is the solution! Offering a feast of taste with its soft texture and cookies that leave a mark on the palate, Bakehane offers many options to serve guests with tea or coffee .An eye-catching red velvet cookie, snickerdoodle, or dark chocolate chip cookie should be among the stops on your way to feast.

Chile Phone Numbers


ADDRESS: Arnavutköy Mahallesi, Tekkeci Sokak, No: 1, Beşiktaş, Istanbul


Founded by Hacı Mehmet Ali Kaya in 1946, Köşkeroğlu Baklava brings dessert sweetness to your tables with its finger-biting flavors. For example, carrot slice, dry baklava, wrap baklava, pistachio wrap, sultana baklava with pistachios, cold baklava and walnut baklava. With dozens of options on the menu, the place offers quality that will make your guests smile.

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