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The great ones forgotten by many brands and companies In most articles you will readthat it is very important to optimize all aspects of a company s social networks have a good logo, fill in all the profile information, put a link to your website, etc. that make up a social profile? At Digital Menta we recommend you improve the design of these elements and apply an Inbound Marketing strategy to your company social profiles . What do I mean when I talk about applying an Inbound Marketing strategy on Social Networks? Covers and pinned posts can be one more element to promote.

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To capture leads Are you still not convinced enough that it can be something interesting or that it can work? Check the statistics of each of the Norway Phone Number List Social Networks the number of visits you have to your profile . Is it a significant number? Of course, you can continue to use these elements for branding purposes only. Now, if someone has gone further and has entered your profile, it is because they have a minimum of interest in your products and services.

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Provide Value Added Content

Do we want them to take a look and close the profile, or to have the possibility of carrying out an action related to our business? If your answer is the second, pay attention to these tips And since the important thing is to lead by example, we are going to Phone List show you how we are implementing it. Table of contents Hide How to optimize covers and pinned posts? Elements that come into play in the Inbound Marketing Strategy in Social Networks Tips for design Why use covers and pinned posts? Ideas Benefits of Publications and Pinned Covers Common Mistakes Extra Data How to optimize covers and pinned posts.

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