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If your company sells physical goods or serves the masses (as opposed to a solo consultant for example) then twitter is going to be important. Twitter gives companies a better way to interact directly with customers than instagram. That’s also a big reason why twitter continues to be one of the top social media channels. You can quickly communicate in real time. Instagram is more focused on the content than customer-to-business interaction. The conversations typically revolve around the instagram posts instead of customer issues and questions.

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try free banner understanding the difference between how people use instagram versus how they use twitter is extremely important when it comes to deciding which is best for your brand. The last thing to keep in mind is advertising. As of right now. Twitter’s advertising platform is open. Meaning you Guatemala Phone Numbers  can sign up today and start running ads. Instagram on the other hand is still in the early stages. One technique that a lot of new businesses are using to help get established on instagram is purchasing shout-outs from established accounts.

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most companies will get to paid advertising on instagram for the time being. Instagram paid shoutout example is instagram the “twitter killer” that some people claim? Not really. Even though they serve a similar demographic and audience. They have two completely different functions in your marketing strategy. Instagram is a place to publish original content and build your brand. Twitter is a great tool to curate and distribute content. As well as engage and interact with your audience. You don’t have to choose one over the other. Look for ways to integrate both into your social media strategy and you’ll get much greater results.

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