You Have To Impregnate Your Brand Philosophy

Do not take the user to a Home page that does not have any calls to action and that can mislead the client, for example. Our recommendation is that the ad links to a landing page or landing page where it is clear what action you want it to do, whether it is entering an email or buying a product. . Be authentic and consistent Keep in mind that your competitors are also advertising and you have to win the competition. How are you going to differentiate yourself?  and your personal stamp in the creatives. Show yourself as a unique and personal brand and provide added value.

Investigate What Your Competition

You from them. Create a consistent message that defines you and that users recognize the second that it is yours. Also try to match the style you Anhui Phone Number List are using for your organic content on the platform. Lastly, be authentic and avoid being overly commercial. Remember that Instagram emerged as a social network for photographs without an advertising tone. Create Quality Content The potential of Instagram is the image. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” could be the slogan of this Social Network. Therefore, it is essential that you offer quality content.

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Is Doing And Look For What Differentiates

Create solid concepts linked to the objective of your campaign. Create a campaign message Having a key idea is essential. Use Visual Storytelling , tell stories through the power of images. Try not to resort to elements that are too conceptual or abstract. Users Phone List empathize more with images of people or products. Frequencies Control the frequencies, quality is better than quantity. If your ad appears thousands of times in the user s feed, you can generate rejection of your brand. Try to make it look like content native to the platform and make them see the brand as part of the community. Style line keep the same line in all campaigns.

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