You Need To Give Them More Visibility

Knowing your name, telephone number and the reason for the consultation, it is useful for them to make a commercial call in a matter of minutes and, thus, speed up the sales process. The website already used Google Analytics, so we knew the users better. This was the homepage of their website when they reached us Forinvest Hall This was the page before Before re designing. Study and meet the potential customer . Through Analytics and the experience of the company. Study the users of the current web what device do they mostly use mobile, computer.  are they Windows or Mac, do they use old equipment.

Know The Real Objective

How to present the most relevant information. Know the weak points of the current web bounce rates, URLs where it bounces, average session time. Internalize the conversion pyramid . Broadly speaking, these were our most important conclusions Iran Phone Number List The users most likely to become customers were People who are comparing prices between companies that offer the service they need The predominant user meets the following requirements Access the web from a computer Use Windows and Google Chrome It has a relatively modern equipment arrive for organic results and the rest for paid results The company offers several services, but there are or that are its Trojan horse.

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Of The Company What Services To Promote

You have to guide the user through their needs . In other words, show our services organized in such a way that they answer the question What Phone List do you need? . That the user does not have to waste time finding the solution to the problem need for it. Offer the user the fastest way to contact us at any time. And, above all, when we are talking about how we can solve your problem. Conceptualize and design a site that leads the user towards the solution that suits their needs so that, without the need to increase the average session time, the bounce rate is lower.

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